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Special coating

We are also experts in the area of producing packaging with innovative coating of silver nanoparticles.

Our packaging can be covered with special coating which gives it the following properties:

Active packaging

Silver nanoparticles in corrugated cardboard packaging will protect products from the growth of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi) during transport and storage.
Nanosilver hinders the enzymatic processes of bacteria and plays a role in the creation of active oxygen in water and air, which successfully prevents growth of microorganisms.


Silver nanoparticles that kill harmful microorganisms can be used for example in the production of toys and the food packaging materials – e.g. daily ratios for soldiers or in a daily life while wrapping groceries in shops. In case of toys for children, it will stop the growth of pathogenic microorganisms on the surface of the toy and thus will increase safety of the child playing with it. Such packaging gains an innovative function which consists in its active influence on the protected product.
Silver nanoparticles are also used in case of clothes made of soft fabric, silk and natural fibres (impeded process of washing/cleaning).
Additionally, silver nanoparticles or nanocomposite Ag-TiO2 will prevent/eliminate bad smell which can be created while storing a dress or another item of clothing (new or used) in a cardboard box.

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