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About the company
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About the company

Comprehensive service

Ekopak-Plus is a modern company that produces corrugated board and cardboard packaging of the highest quality. It is a company that flexibly responds to the client’s needs. Our commitment to ensure the satisfaction of clients, using various technologies in the production process, high quality service as well as special care about the final product enable us to successfully compete with the giants of the packaging industry. Enthusiasm and commitment displayed by our team result in high quality products and smooth cooperation with our clients. Thinking about packaging, we mean comprehensive service. Today’s packaging is not only a product, but also service that we provide you with. We solve problems such as: attractive sales look, economy of material, buffer warehouses, speed of delivery, transport. We take into account all these technical problems while looking for the best solutions. Therefore, rendering comprehensive service is a top priority for us.

We have a special delivery system JUST IN TIME.


environmentally-friendly production;
fast and flexible reaction;
the highest quality of products and services;
modern delivery systems;
professional and reliable customer service;
honesty, ability to meet deadlines;
respect towards our clients and co-workers;
constant progress in every area of operation.

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