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History of Ekopak-Plus Sp. z o.o.

Ekopak-Plus Sp. z o.o. was established in 2004 by a group of young people whose leader from the very beginning has been Adriana Maciejewska-Bondarewska, currently the president of the company.

The packaging market is very demanding. It is characterized by stiff competition as well as constant introduction of new and innovative solutions regarding packaging construction, materials used, design, printing technology and functions that it fulfills.

Together with other members of the team, the leader identified a few niches in the market such as boxes made of multilayer board in the form of high quality slotted and die-cut boxes with white or grey cover and printed inscription as well as advertising stands and then successfully filled them. The first serious orders came in the middle of 2004 and were for goods made of corrugated board used for the production of packaging for glass and elevation stone. Their realization required imagination, flexibility while taking actions and making decisions fast, and then meeting the client’s needs in a perfect way. The clients were provided not only with packaging but also with knowledge regarding its functions. The principle adopted by the team saying that identifying yourself with the client’s needs and expectations is a guarantee of perfect realization of the order, is put into practice in an excellent way. It opened doors to a lot of new orders. The clients who, from the very beginning, trusted the young team include: glassworks KROSNO SA, STONE MASTER, the producer of elevation tiles, HERBAPOL and LUBIANA, the producer of china. In subsequent years the company gained other clients such as: AGD - ZELMER SA, the biggest Polish producer of domestic appliances, MOCHTOYS, the producer of toys, BALTIC WOOD, glassworks IRENA, MPM PRODUCT, ACTIVE as well as the producer of wall tiles made of concrete and plaster - STEGU.

The philosophy of this company is based on the assumption that not only the product (packaging, box, etc.) should be sold but also knowledge about its production, marketing function, requirements it should meet as well as legal factors functioning on the global market. Thanks to it the company earned the reputation of being responsible and having a huge potential to grow.

At the end of 2004 the company implemented the system of quality management, which enables constant monitoring of conducted production processes and overseeing the quality of goods at every stage of the production process. The quality of offered goods is proven by the certificate of conformity with EC directive 94/62 on packaging, implemented in 2005.

In 2006 Ekopak-Plus started the production for export. It acquired a few important clients which include world brands such as: International Paper, for which Ekopak-Plus produces packaging for Xerox paper, M-Real, French paper factory, RPV, paper factory in Germany and Heinsberg, a factory of recycled paper in Germany.

At the same time Adriana Maciejewska-Bondarewska started cooperation with the best Polish fashion designer Maciej Zień. She designs and produces packaging for his exclusive dresses, which are sold in Europe and across the world. Owing to this cooperation, boxes reach the most demanding clients.

A very good opinion about competence and skills of the management people, those from marketing and sales department as well as about the professionalism of employees from the production ensure constant development of the company. At present Ekopak-Plus renders services for international clients from various industries, who, thanks to this cooperation, to a large extent meet their own needs in terms of packaging production.

The company invests systematically. Within the subsequent few years significant amount of money was invested in production. The existing machines and production room were modernized and expanded, new devices were bought and more staff was taken on. Currently the company employs 68 people and has modern machines.

All these achievements would not have been possible if it was not for created by President Adriana Maciejewska-Bondarewska team of open and creative employees who are involved in the realized projects and closely cooperate with the client.

In the course of five years of the company’s development the average yearly increase in turnover has been running at 54%. Currently the company is conducting work on the development of innovative technology of cardboard production with the use of silver nanoparticles. A new line of packaging in which the properties of nanoparticles will be used, will be created on the basis of this technology. It requires launching a big investment project worth more than 10,000,000 PLN. This investment will be financed from the European Union subsidies.

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